The Sunridge Group, LLC
Because People are Your Only Sustainable Advantage!
About Us

The Sunridge Group believes that our knowledge, experience and success working in both the Hi-Technology and Enterprise Software Industries is the best guarantee for success. We have managed, built successful sales teams and sold in the technology space for more than 30 years.  The Sunridge Group has a reputation as an industry expert in the enterprise software world with the ability to match the right candidate to the right company.  We have helped to build sales and management teams for early- to mid-stage start-up companies and large, publicly-traded companies.



Our Clients:

We listen to you; we don't waste your time. As your partner in a search, we are committed to helping you make the right hiring decision. We invest the time to understand your culture, your style and your requirements. Having been on your side of the hiring decision, we ask questions that may have you  re-evaluating your requirements and allow you to make a much better hiring decision. By asking  more questions and getting to know you better, we're able to develop a strong relationship with the client and hiring manager which is paramount to finding the right candidate. 

As your partner, our goal is to make the best match between the candidate and the company. We won't present anyone that we wouldn't hire ourselves for that position.

The Sunridge Group Search Process

The Planning Stage: We design a specific, targeted plan for each and every search assignment we accept. We then conduct thorough research to uncover potential candidates.

Contacting the Candidates: Once we identify good candidates, we make contact with them on a direct, personal basis.

  • We present the objectives, opportunities, responsibilities and potential of the position.
  • We examine the qualifications of the candidates against the requirements of the position.
  • We select the candidates who are the best match.

Presenting the Candidates: The qualified candidates are presented for consideration.

  • Only when a strong mutual interest exists does the process continue.
  • We assist in scheduling and monitoring the interviewing process.

The Decision and the Offer: We offer expert counsel and advice at this critical point.

  • We facilitate communication on salary terms and benefits.
  • We assist the candidate through the emotional process of resigning the present position.

Ongoing Relationship: We maintain contact on both sides to make sure that the outcome of the search assignment meets everyone's expectations.

Our Candidates:

The Planning Stage:  We  take the time to speak with you regarding your goals and objectives. We want to determine what type of role you would be interested in.  We need to determine your strengths and weaknesses.  We will determine what type of culture and environment suits your personality and allows you to ultimately succeed.  We will only submit you to companies that are a fit to your profile.

Confidentiality: Your reputation and your resume is always treated confidentially. We will not forward it to anyone without first discussing the opportunity with you and gaining your approval.

Getting Started: Getting started with us is as simple as submitting your information and scheduling an initial call.

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