Resume Tips


Your resume is your first impression and the most important part in your job search.

  • Sales and Sales Management  resumes should be achievement-oriented (i.e. % of quota, ranking relative to  peers, region or company, number of new accounts opened, revenue in  dollars, awards, etc.)
  • All resumes should have as many action verbs as possible (i.e. achieved, supervised, coordinated, etc.)
  • Sales resumes should be no more than two pages long.
  • Place your name, address, work and home telephone numbers at the top of a resume. Your most recent position should be first and education should be placed last.
  • Avoid a job objective section  in a resume. This section often tends to hurt your chances for a  face-to-face interview rather than help. Often these sections have  conflicting goals (i.e. seeking a sales or sales management position...or a  sales position leading to a...etc.)
  • Avoid a job summary section or a summary of achievements in a resume. The information provided often does not correlate with a specific job or dates. Achievement and responsibilities should be associated with specific positions in the body of the resume.
  • Resumes should always be  written in the third person (i.e. Successfully exceeded quota 5 or 6  years... Successfully managed seven Account Executives... Originally hired as... Promoted to...) The word "I" should never appear in a resume.
  • If your dates of employment are contiguous, use a month and year format (i.e. 7/2000 to 7/2004). This will stress your stability. If your dates of employment are not contiguous, think about using a year format (2004 to 2008). Lastly, your most recent position should always read the date you were hired to "Present" (i.e. 2004 to Present).
  • If you held multiple positions within the same company, list them all to show advancement and growth. The body of each position description should describe your responsibilities and accomplishments.
  • Other components. Include education, professional training, affiliations/appointments, licenses, technical skills and languages.